Thanks to our consultants’ expertise in international and operational standards, consolidation and financial control, Emerson Audit & Conseil supports finance and accounting departments in:

  • Optimising closing times
  • Preparation of accounting information and
  • Forecasting the accounting consequences of new operations

Our services :

  • Assisting production of the consolidation / accounting departments under PCG, PCEC and IFRS standards
  • First-time adoption of IFRS standards
  • Processing complex operations
  • Improvement of consolidation processes
  • Assistance in setting up consolidation tools
  • Defining and helping with format changeovers for group reporting
  • Training programmes on various accounting standards
  • Introduction of performance indicators, establishment of reporting

Project Examples:

  • Assistance with setting up the management control department in the context of reorganisation of the largest BU at a CAC 40 listed group.
  • Implementation of a new financial reporting system by country in accordance with the application of IFRS 8 standard on operating segments for a large industrial group.
  • Assisting the consolidation department in the context of the reorganisation of an international group, a leader in the manufacturing and construction of building materials.
  • Management of sub-level consolidation at an audio-visual company.

Some references: